Join Us This September at Hummingbird Community

 ​September 5 – One Day Introduction to Co-Creation

September 6 to 10 – Essential Practices of Co-Creation

September 5 (One Day Introduction)

​Exploring Co-Creation – A Relational Path to Awakening

This one day training is an introduction to the basic practices of co-creation. It is designed for those who are committed to engaging the power of co-creation to transform their personal lives and their work in the world. It’s great preparation for the four day training that follows.

Exploring Co-Creation is both a stand-alone program and also the foundation for the training that follows. It will be conducted at beautiful Hummingbird Community in northern New Mexico. For those who choose to attend this introduction, there will be a live concert that evening and an opportunity to tour the community the next day.

Register now to secure your place! Pricing and additional information are on the registration form. ​

September 6 to 10

Co-Creating a New Earth:
Essential Practices to Navigate Transformational Times

This in-depth training is for those who have attended the one day introduction or a prior training or online course in co-creative principles. It is intended for change agents, pioneering souls, social activists, and lovers of life who desire to immerse themselves in powerful practices that are serving the awakening of humanity and the transformation of our culture.

Are you ready to express your full creative potential?
Are you seeking a deeper sense of community with like-hearted souls?
Are you yearning to contribute your unique gifts to co-create a new Earth?

Together at this event we will:

  • Activate our potential as a force for positive change
  • Open more fully to our inner wisdom and personal guidance
  • Enhance our skills for creating fulfilling and harmonious relationships
  • Learn more about new forms of leadership, governance, and decision making
  • Tap into our unique and our collective genius
  • Be nurtured and rejuvenated by the healing qualities of nature
  • Plant and cultivate seeds for the emergence of the new Earth

Please join us for an uplifting experience of personal empowerment, spiritual deepening, and joyful communion with other members of our global family. Register now to secure your place! Pricing and additional information are on the registration form.

Past Trainings and Gatherings

In February, 2017, we conducted two weekend retreats in southern California called Experience Co-Creation. as well as an evening event at Full Circle Venice.  Many thanks to Andrew Keegan, Mayra McCullough, Oceanna Kiddie and Patrick Talbot for their support in producing these powerful events of mutual learning and awakening.


This photo and brief sound recordings below are from our Deep Immersion in Co-Creation event in September 2016 at the beautiful Hummingbird Community.  In a field of love, trust, and mutual respect, we experienced how co-creative practices can call forth the best in each of us and enhance our relationships and our work in the world. 

Listen to what the participants had to say about this retreat: 


Cindy: I'm very grateful......It's so wonderful to be surrounded by people
with the same values.

David P: It was a wonderful experience. It changed me....

Corin: This experience has given me courage and clarity...

Leif: The gem for me has been being in the presence of four people who
have been living this magic for decades.

Paula: I thought I knew a lot about co-creation…