We want to share with you regarding our upcoming training in Germany, in which we will
also be representing Global Family. We invite you to share this information
with your European friends.

Past Trainings and Gatherings

In September 2017 we conducted a one day introduction, followed by an in-depth training in co-creative practices at Hummingbird Community.  Our purpose in coming together was to tap into our unique and collective genius and to be empowered to more fully give our gifts, expand our leadership skills, and be nurtured by the resonant field and the healing qualities of nature. This is what some of the participants had to say about our time together:

Kristi: So much of the retreat was breathtaking...Just arriving and meeting such
spectacular people.... Sharing our deepest feelings in trusted company. I loved all the
humor as we broached difficult times. The desire to help was authentic.

Natasha: The acknowledgment portion was so illuminating and helpful to feel really seen, felt, received in my true power. To look beyond the wounded veils of how we reflect upon ourselves and open our hearts to receive the authentic reflection of another, co-creating an enlightened sense of self worth.

Henry: Loved the four facilitators and the amazing gifts they bring and share.

Bri: The highlights for me were witnessing the progression of everyone’s hearts opening more and more each day….experiencing the divine inter-connectedness that we all share.,….feeling the love and unity that is so present. I loved the coherence of the group.

In February, 2017, we conducted two weekend retreats in southern California called Experience Co-Creation. as well as an evening event at Full Circle Venice.  Many thanks to Andrew Keegan, Mayra McCullough, Oceanna Kiddie and Patrick Talbot for their support in producing these powerful events of mutual learning and awakening.


This photo and brief sound recordings below are from our Deep Immersion in Co-Creation event in September 2016 at the beautiful Hummingbird Community.  In a field of love, trust, and mutual respect, we experienced how co-creative practices can call forth the best in each of us and enhance our relationships and our work in the world. 

Listen to what the participants had to say about this retreat: 


Cindy: I'm very grateful......It's so wonderful to be surrounded by people
with the same values.

David P: It was a wonderful experience. It changed me....

Corin: This experience has given me courage and clarity...

Leif: The gem for me has been being in the presence of four people who
have been living this magic for decades.

Paula: I thought I knew a lot about co-creation…